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Double Glass for Documents

Service ID: S51 A double-glass frame has glass on the front and back instead of using a traditional foam or mat board backing. The result is that you can see both sides of the artwork without opening the frame. This is especially useful for letters & postcards, double-sided documents, or if you just want to be able to see all the way through the frame.

Double Glass for Products

Service ID: S52 This is mainly for thin materials like T-Shirt, Award Pins, Shields etc.

Double Glass with Etching Stickers

Service ID: S53 In thin we gives a etching designs to boards for lovely look.

Double Frame

Service ID: S56

Frame Outer with Clips

Service ID: S57

Keepsake Frames

Service ID: S58

Border Frame with Signatures

Service ID: S80

Floating Picture Frame

Service ID: S81 Many people choose to "float" mount a watercolor, special document or other artwork so that it is suspended within the window of a mat and the paper's raw edges are visible. This creates a very professional and unique presentation that showcases the original nature of your piece. It is appropriate for artwork such as watercolors that are created on a heavy weight paper and will not be damaged by mounting from the back-side of the art.

Photo frame with Mount

Service ID: S82 Mounts are available in various colors.

Lamination with beeding

Service ID: S83 Black Beading.

Acrylic / Glass Wall Framing

Service ID: S136 Delivery Period: 14 Days
(8mm Toughened Glass) Size 24x18 Rs. 5000.00, Size 20x16 4500.00, Size 18x12 4000.00, Size 16x12 Rs. 3500.00, Size 14x12 Rs. 3000.00

Photo Wooden Plaque

Service ID: S137 6X4-(225+125), 5X7-(400+125), 8X6-(450+125), 10X8-(650+150), 12X8-(800+150), 12X10-(900+175), 15X12-(1150+300), 18X12-(1800+300)