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Function Photography

Service ID: S34 With rich industrial experience we are able to provide Photography services. These photography services are executed using high end digital cameras that ensure its premium quality. Our highly experienced professional photographers have great acumen to provide quality photography services to the clients.

After Wedding Photography

Service ID: S40 Our Add-On Package has post wedding Photography outdoor. Our creative crews can visit your favourite place to capture the unique moments and turn you into the star of your very own wedding Album.

Candid Photography

Service ID: S42 Our expensive gears play big roles at creative crews' hands. Magical moments are captured as Candids, you will wonder. Our lightings give more cinematic molding to your face. Traditional group photos are your best lifetime portfolio. Depends on the circumstances our crews arrange for creative photography during the flow of the function. But it is all upto your cooperation.

Instant Photo Prints at Events

Service ID: S45 We provides premium instant-print photography service for weddings and events, offering top-of-the-line design, photo quality and service standards from the start to end. An ideal souvenir for guests to remember your event. Leave a lasting impression on your guests with our wallet-size photo-cards that combine tasteful design with personalized messages. Not only will you capture your day's unforgettable moments, you will also provide hours of fun for your guests.

Premium Ultra HD Printed Album

Service ID: S41 Selective photographs are floated on 40 leaves (80 pages). These photos are technically colour corrected and placed against back drops of well designed edge to edge layouts. The designers never follow any ready made templates. They create new layouts which should reflect those particular moods. Our printing is Ultra HD - 1440 dpi, RGB 256 Million Colours, No grains, No dots, Water proof. Our paper is Non tearable, Glossy/Feather/Matte. Open size is 12"x24" or 12"x36". Close size is 12"x12" (Square) or 12"x18" (Rectangle). Album with acrylic cover and acrylic carry case is included in the package itself. This Premium Album will unfold the amazing story in an artistic way.

Fun Photo Booth Shoot

Service ID: S44 A photo booth will provide hours of entertainment for your guests and give them a keepsake photo so that they will remember your event. Photo booths are a huge amount of fun and whether it be for a wedding, birthday party or company function we can provide hours of fun and entertainment for your guests.

Coffee Table Wedding Book

Service ID: S46 For giving that exquisite look to the whole table arena, this exclusive and executive kind of Coffee Table Book can be placed and used as a decoration items. In this table book, exhibition pictures of classic family pictures can be placed. It may a miniature of master wedding album. Offered to the customers in a wide variety of sizes, the table book can be used for guest viewing purpose or casual viewing while having coffee time or leisure time.